Faglig seminar Antwerpen 2020

Wooden Boat Academic Professional seminar 2020,

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Program :

Depart Oslo Gardermoen at 16:15 with attendance at Gardermoen 14:15

Here is some brief info for Academic seminar 2020, we will meet at Gardermoen at 14:15

The flight leaves at 16:15 from the international part of the terminal.

Upon arrival in Brussels, we meet at the luggage band and board a waiting bus from the company Belgian Limousine Service at 19:00 which takes us directly to the hotel IBIS Budget Antwerp Central Station. Evenings are available for each individual, but we try to recognize a possible watering hole or «Base Camp» near the hotel.

Antwerp Thursday 13 à Boom – New Belgica

Breakfast served from 08:00 – 10:00

At 10:00 our good friend Johan Hauge arrives from Snaroeya and guides us to the railway station where we take the train to Boom which is about 30 minutes and on arrival Boom we have waiting cars for the oldest with the worst legs. It is about 10 minutes walk from Boom to the yard, remember to bring good warm clothes and good footwear as the yard is not heated. We calculate just over 2 hours at the yard before moving back to Boom and the railroad to Antwerp. Back in Antwerp we find a lunch restaurant for those who want as well as a small visit to the local “base camp” nearby IBIS Central Budget hotel. The day is as free where the individual delegates does as they wish with necessary action/shopping etc.

Antwerp Friday 14 à Maritime part of Museum Ann de Stroom  –  Red Star Line – Light house ship

Breakfast served from 08:00 – 10:00

We walk along to the Maritime Museum Ann de Strom 6 th floor and spend a few hours there before having lunch and agreeing who will join the day. Time will be available to the individual from this point on, but we hope that most of them will join the Red Star Line museum and perhaps an old lighthouse ship undergoing restoration and Dirk also takes us on a tour of the old port areas.

After the city walk, time is available, and we do private errands.

Dinner Friday night stands for everyone, if there is a desire, we can try to find a place that can accommodate us all.

Antwerp Saturday 15 à Guided city walk

Breakfast served from 08:00 – 10:00

Time is available, and we do private errands until 13:30 when we meet at Base Camp nearby hotel .

Guided walking tour of Antwerp, remember good footwear and warm clothes. Baudouin Lagrange, who is General Consul for Norway, has found some very good guides who will take us on a guided tour in Antwerp at 14:00.

They will give us an experience and insight into the history of Antwerp and show us some of the city’s finest and most important sights.

We try to meet at the hotel «Base Camp» at 19:45 before going together to restaurant Brasserie Den Antigoon where we all meet and where we have invited with our Noble guests from Antwerp.

Antwerp – Ghent – Bruges Sunday 16 à Trip by rail to Ghent and Bruges

Breakfast served from 08:00 – 10:00

We walk together to train station and take the train to Bruges and Ghent, a more detailed program for this day is being prepared in Antwerp with help from the locals.

We expect to be back in Antwerp and the hotel late afternoon or early evening Sunday.

Antwerp Monday 17 à Available day, home travel with departure from the hotel 15:00

Breakfast served from 08:00 – 10:00

The day is available, and we can now do what we have not yet seen, shop and visit from various places or other interest.

We must check out at the hotel no later than 12:00 but luggage can be stored at the hotel.

We meet at the hotel no later than 14:45 to be ready when the bus arrives at 15:00 and takes us back to Brussels Airport for check-in back to Norway.

Remember to bring good warm clothes and good footwear.

For those who are interested we will try to find a restaurant to meet at Friday evening

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